Cheap hosting as low as $1 per month


I saw today this cheap hosting as low as $1 per month for the cheapest hosting account. The package include 250 MB Space, 1000 MB Transfer,Support CGI, PHP, FTP, Email, Auto responders, CPanel Admin, and 1 Domain hosted.

There is more interesting package with this company for example the silver package include 1,000 MB Space 10,000 MB Transfer for $19.99. And their Gold plan is for just $29.99 including 10,000 MB Space 25,000 MB Transfer !

The prices looks very interesting for small business, even the reseller package is interesting for $39.99 per month you get your own name server with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited hosting space.

Maybe I can understand the cheap hosting offer, but how came to offer an unlimited reselling service for only $39.99 per month ? The unlimited approach is interesting for business who need host, but business who sell need to know which server will run their hosts, the exact bandwidth they will have, how many other resellers will share the server with them … etc.

The company explained the cheap prices by eliminating the support stuff and offering just email, live chat support in addition to video tutorials. Owner of the domain have been changed using the service Domains by Proxy, Inc., or is it a new service of DBP. The first case is more approaching to reality.

$1 per month is nice price, but if you are looking for more, cheap hosting cannot offer more for professionals. Good services should be well paid and generally prices are known it cannot be so cheap or very unlimited.