Web-CP, a Free Web Hosting Control Panel in PHP

Written by on March 27, 2006 in Hosting Control Panels - 2 Comments

web-cp is a full-featured, open source web hosting control panel written in PHP and released under the GPL. It consists of 4 control panels: personal, domain, reseller, and server. The personal control panel allows users to update their personal information, change their password and set their spam control settings. The domain control panel allows domain owners to add new users, aliases, subdomains, domain pointers and databases. The resellers control panel allows resellers to add or modify their domain accounts.
The server control panel allows the server administrator to add or modify resellers, edit VirtualHost and DNS templates, restart services and monitor server usage. Scripting, shell access, SSI, databases, mail, domains, etc are all controlled from a top-down approach. Web-CP.net is a continuation of the development of web://cp with it’s ultimate goal being a 1.0 release. web-cp runs on almost every version of Unix/Linux/BSD and only Apache, MySQL and PHP are required.

2 Comments on "Web-CP, a Free Web Hosting Control Panel in PHP"

  1. artur August 9, 2007 at 8:23 pm · Reply

    Sorry, but where i can get software for FREE HOSTING management?

  2. SAMAD May 9, 2008 at 12:28 am · Reply


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