IHaveFree.com, Free Ad-Based Hosting and Domain name

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Advertising-based hosting services are classic business model today, but some companies and startups are still interested in such models. IHaveFree.com is one of these service which offer totally free hosting and domain name for your website, for people looking for 100% free offers and nothing to pay for one year but might accept some ads from the hosting service. The website indicate that there is no monthly or yearly fee, yes but that’s for the first year and in case you have been accepted. IHaveFree.com reserve the rights to continue your site for the next year with nominal fees according to their terms and conditions.
In total, domain name let’s give a public price around $10 and 50Mo hosting with unlimited bandwidth let’s say $10 per year or less. So in total the offer worth about $20, while it’s based on partnership and selective members. I have experienced this last year sponsoring members with free hosting, free domain and ads-free and didn’t see real interest, so I’m not sure how this could work with ads, only if they are more interested into second year nominal fees. More details on how it works on the terms and conditions page.

2 Comments on "IHaveFree.com, Free Ad-Based Hosting and Domain name"

  1. Chuck January 15, 2008 at 5:02 am · Reply

    They dont accept new users. but http://www.fancyfreehosting.com is.
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  2. nasir April 9, 2008 at 12:28 pm · Reply

    hello i am nasir ali is a best stundent is 10 class

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